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UPDATE # 22 September 8, 2020

As much as we don't like it, HISway still remains at Stage 4 with the COVID 19.  We continue wearing our masks, maintaining social distancing and not going out in the commmunity.  The GOOD NEWS  is that we are readying our 2020 season of HISVOICE.  Start practicing your singing, dancing and other talents. This season will be amazing and like no other we have ever had.  Online Bingo continues to be a tremendous hit, especially SUPER BINGO with Darth Vader and the Empire giving out Earth money or Emperial Credits.  Our BBQ trips to the lake continues to be a favorite as well with great food and great fishing.

UPDATE # 21 August 21, 2020

The Idaho Governor has updated us all on the Covid 19 Virus.  He said we are remaining at Stage 4.  This means we are still not out in the community in groups, we wear our masks and maintain social distancing.  We all are frustrated and want this to be over and we ask you to understand what whis going on and we are committed to complying with the Governor's recommendations.  We are making the best of things by expanding our online connections with each other, going on nature outings to really great places and having a great time together within our limitations.  We would like to congratulate Jack on his successful completion of CPR and First aid training.  WAY TO GO!


UPDATE # 20 August 10, 2020

As we continue keeping our staff and Participants safe, HISway has come up with new ways of keeping everyone engaged.  Our latest creation is SUPER BINGO hosted by Darth Vader and Captain Phasma. All prizes are cash money and everyone has a good chance of winning.  Check out the HISway calendar for times and dates.  Our next new and exciting activity will be HISvoice OUTDOORS! Participants and staff can show off their wonderful voices in the new season.  Contestants will be singing out doors and the audience will be in cars listening  over the vehicles FM radio via the HISway Transmitter.  This new twist will be a huge hit with everyone! 

As always, we will continue to follow the CDC and Governor's guidelines with constant sanitization of the homes, wearing PPE, and limiting our exposure to the public.


UPDATE # 19 July 14, 2020

HISway requires all staff wear a mask when in the homes and recommend Participants wear a mask when within 6 ft. of another person.  Due to the increase in COVID cases in Idaho, with a heavy heart we are cancelling Camp this year.  We will however, be having new and exciting virus friendly activities so be sure and watch your calendars!  The HISway family is stronger than any virus and will be doing everything we can to stay safely connected.

UPDATE # 18 July 2, 2020

Boise Governor's Mask Requirement.

The Boise mayor Lauren McLean is now requiring everyone in the city limits of Boise to wear masks while in public beginnning July 4, 2020.  If you do not have a mask please contact Holly and she will get one to you.

UPDATE # 17 June 22 2020


Due to the rapid increase in Positive COVID 19 cases, the Idaho Govenor has recommended that  we return to Stage #3.  HISway is complying with this as follows.  Grocery shopping with a mask and drive-thrus for food are approved.  HISway is recommending that all other exposure to the community is kept to a minimum.  The HISway building restrictions are still in place and the building will be locked for the foreseeable future.  We are continuing our games and activies via teleconference.  Please stay updated with our Activities Calendar. 

UPDATE # 16 June 16 2020


The Govenor of Idaho has implemented "Phase 4" for the state in combating the Covid-19 Virus.  This opens 100% of all business, however to still practice safe measures.  At HISway, we will still maintain social distancing, limiting access to the main doors at the building, washing your hands prior to entering, wearing a mask when in public places,  staying at home if you have a fever or are sick and covering coughing and sneezing.  The building is still not open for normal operations and we encourage Participants not to visit each others houses.

UPDATE # 15 June 1 2020


HISway, LLC is continuing to follow the guidelines set by the Idaho Governor.  Grocery shopping with a mask and drives thrus for food are approved.  HISway is recommending that all other exposure to the community is kept to a minimum.  We are planning the Company picnic on June 13 which coinsides with the Governor's breakout day.  There will be no potluck and the food tables will have a gloved server behind a cough shield. The HISway building restrictions are still in place and the building will be locked for the foreseeable future.  We are continuing our games and activies via teleconference.  

UPDATE # 14 May 11, 2020


HISway, LLC strives to ensure that all participants and staff are kept safe and are supported throughout the COVID-19 or COVID like Illness (CLI) emergency situation. Based upon Idaho Rebounds and CDC Guidance HISway, LLC will re-introduce services and community access as follows:


Idaho is currently in stage 1 of reopening as a state (May 1- May 15, 2020). Given that HISway, LLC works with a vulnerable population it has chosen to begin its reopening transition starting May 18, 2020 and following protocols for Idaho Rebounds stage 2 at that time. This transition will go into effect on May 18, 2020  as long as no significant increase in cases occur within Idaho and criteria are met. (This criteria will be based on Idaho Rebound and direction from the State of Idaho.)


Beginning May 18, 2020 HISway, LLC will discontinue providing shopping services for Participants. As a Residential Habilitation Agency HISway understands the importance of promoting self-reliance while still providing essential services to participants and maintaining the health and safety of participants and staff. HISway, LLC will support participants to begin entering the community and accessing community services following these guidelines:


  1. All individuals will be asked to continue following social distancing guidelines and maintaining 6ft between themselves and others while in the community.

  2. HISway, LLC asks that all participants and employees wear face masks while accessing community based services.

  3. HISway, LLC asks that all individuals that are “vulnerable” to COVID 19 or CLI continue to self-quarantine and maintain current precautions.

  4. HISway, LLC asks that all participants and employees adhere to strict protocols regarding hygiene and infection prevention as outlined by the CDC.


During stage 2 some restaurants will begin to re-open dining room facilities to the public. HISway, LLC recommends that Participants reframe from utilizing dining room facilities in restaurants during stage 2 reopening.


Beginning May 30, 2020 (following Idaho Rebounds protocol) vulnerable populations are free to resume public interactions but should still practice social distancing. Gatherings of 10-50 people are optional as long as social distancing and precautionary measures can be observed.


  1. All individuals will be asked to continue following social distancing guidelines and maintaining 6ft between themselves and others while in the community.

  2. HISway, LLC asks that all individuals that are “vulnerable” to COVID 19 or CLI continue to self-quarantine and maintain current precautions.

  3. HISway, LLC asks that all participants and employees adhere to strict protocols regarding hygiene and infection prevention as outlined by the CDC.


HISway, LLC will continue to keep the main office and group activities closed/suspended at this time. Idaho Rebounds encourages businesses to continue to promote telework and social distancing within the workplace as much as possible.


Beginning June 13, 2020 Idaho Rebound allows for large venues to begin re-opening. HISway, LLC will hold the Annual HISway Company Picnic on June 13, 2020. HISway, LLC will continue to encourage vulnerable individuals to practice social distancing and maintain strict hygiene and infection prevention procedures. Per Idaho rebound social distancing must still be upheld and precautionary measures observed.


HISway, LLC will no longer require employees to wear masks during community outings, but still encourages vulnerable individuals to do so for safety reasons.


HISway, LLC will plan to begin re-opening the main office, in limited capacity, beginning July 1, 2020 providing Idaho continues to meet the required criteria per Idaho Rebounds standards.


HISway, LLC reserves the right to modify stages of re-opening based upon relevant Idaho and CDC guidelines as they relate to the COVID-19 or CLI national emergency.


Please continue to maintain Social Distancing Guidelines as set forth by the CDC.

UPDATE # 13 April 29, 2020

HISway is continuing to provide the best care to our Participants and comply with the Governor's order referencing the COVID-19.  We have received our new high speed "no touch" thermometer and are checking staff and Particpants for fever.  We are checking in the houses and the HISway building alike.  Our food shopping for the Participant's are going well and we are trying the best we can to get the brands and quantitys they want. For Tele-activities please check our website activity calendar often.  We have "Tele-Bingo" coming up today and Holly and Kristen are putting additional activities together.   



UPDATE # 12 April 21, 2020

Before "Tele-Bingo" on Wednesday, HISway will be offering "CHOGA" (chair yoga) at 10 am.  Mary the DDA Director will be instructing.  If you would like to join the fun, contact Holly in Activities at holly.wegman@hiswayid.com.

UPDATE # 11 April 20, 2020

In our fight to combat boredom and to support our Participants, HISway will now be having 'TELE- BINGO"  every Wednesday at 11 am! (first game is Wed April 22, 2020) If you want to join the fun, contact Holly at holly.wegman@hiswayid.com for the invite.  Prizes will be awarded and delivered to your houses.  This is going to be AWESOME!!!  

UPDATE # 10 April 16, 2020

Idaho's Governor Brad Little had a COVID-19 update yesterday on television.  He said that his "shelter in place" order is extended until April 30th.  HISway is continuing to abide by the order until it is lifted.  We have stepped up our grocery shopping as the consumption of food by the Participants has increased.  We are continuing our encouragement for exercise and activities in the homes.

UPDATE # 9 April 10, 2020


We are continuing to support our Particiants combat boredom at home by encouraging them to conduct outside "stay at home activities".  They are doing wood working projects, planting gardens and having BBQs. 


Although we are not having our Easter celebration at HISway this year we are delivering Easter baskets to each Participant on Saturday.  Please have a very happy Easter and shelter in place.

UPDATE # 8 April 7, 2020

In keeping with the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) HISway is recommending that anyone going out into the community (shopping, gas etc.) wear a face mask.   We realize that masks may be hard to find so Kristen in CR8 will start making them for Participants and staff.

Our food shopping for the Participants is going very well and we ask our houses to please put your lists on our new shopping form.  This form helps us ensure our shopping supports the menus and that everyone has plenty of health food.

UPDATE # 7 April 2, 2020

"Sheltering in Place" has been difficult on our Participants. In response to that, we have been taking measures to help minimize the angst, boredom and worry.  This Friday (April 3, 2020) Ellen will be having a "Video Chat" with the Participants for all their questions and to help them stay connected to HISway.

We are also offering oportunities to our Participants for walks in their neighborhoods and excurions in the countryside.

Due to the Participant's travel restrictions into the populated community, HISway has been collecting the Participant's grocery list's and shopping for them.  We continue to monitor their food stores and are ensuring they all have plenty of healthy food.

We also have been taking our Participant's to doctor's visits as appropriate and are having online "virtual sessions" with them when we can.



UPDATE # 6 March 25, 2020

To all of our Participants and Guardians.  The DDA is still open and looking forward to regular in-house programming.

UPDATE # 5 March 25, 2020

     All Parents and Guardians of our Participants will be receiving an Email invitation to a video "Update, Question and Answer" session with the HISway Administrator Ellen Hampton.  The session will be on "Google Meet" and to join the session, follow the link in the email.  There will be two sessions, the first is tonight (March 25, 2020) at 7:00 pm.  The second session will be tomorrow (March 26, 2020) at 11:00 am.  Please bring your questions and any concerns you may have.

UPDATE # 4 March 24, 2020

     Due to the sporadic shortages and access to food and supplies, HISway is having individual Participants, supported by staff, conduct food inventories in their houses. We are closely monitoring each Participant to ensure they have enough food to go about their daily lives.

UPDATE # 3 March 23, 2020

     In minimizing the possibility of COVID-19 (coronavirus) exposure, effective immediately, Participants are not to be transported by HISway staff to the community without Program Coordinator approval.

UPDATE # 2 March 20, 2020


     In continuing our efforts to minimize our Participant's and Staff's exposure to COVID-19 we have limited our Program Coordinators to one House visit per day.  We also have directed our staff to only take the Participants into the community when absolutely necessary (basic needs, food, supplies etc.).  


     We understand that staying home is not always fun and can cause issues in our population. One of our biggest attractions at our building is CR8.  CR8 is well known for its arts, crafts and cooking.  During this time we have cancelled CR8s operations.  However, as a benefit to our Participants, Kristen will be bringing CR8 to the homes to provide opportunities for activities. She will be assisting with the activities and tailoring them to each individual home.


     Cleaning activities in the homes have become a major focus as we assist our Participants to maintain their homes in a healthy, clean environment.  Hand washing throughout the day has also become a frequent activity.  

UPDATE #1 Mar 16, 2020

     HISway has implemented preventative measures to help reduce the risk of the virus contagion.  


     From today until HISway has determined that it is no longer needed, access to the building will ONLY be through the main entrance (where the reception area is). There has been a hand wash station placed in front of the double doors and you are REQUIRED to wash your hands PRIOR to entering the building.  The double doors will be locked and the Receptionist will let you in after she has verified that you have washed your hands.  


     Additionally, no one without permission from Ellen or Rob is allowed in Ellen's office.  If you need to just talk with Ellen or Rob, the office sliding window is open that is adjacent to the waiting room.  All Participants will utilize the sliding window outside of the building that opens to the office to communicate and obtain any items they may need.

     All recreational activities in the building are temporarily postponed.


      HISway is focused on health and safety for all of our Participants and Staff. Recognizing we are a 24/7 organization we must focus on staying healthy and wise concerning the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and what that means to our vulnerable population. 

     We will continue business as usual with an acute awareness of wellness. Any staff or Participant with a fever of 100 degrees or more will be advised to seek medical attention. Advise PC and Administration. We ask that staff that exhibit COVID-19 symptoms stay home. 

     All HISway events in the building will continue. There is hand sanitizer placed throughout the building for good hygiene. Hand washing should be a minimum of twenty-seconds. Please give participants the support they need to make that happen. 

     We don’t know how long this will last and our goal is that no staff will lose hours because of a home closing.

     We are asking Parents and Guardians to give us a 48 hour notice when they are returning home. We will need time to get staffing back in place.


     This will be updated regularly.


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