Residential Habilitation

What We Do...

Independent Living

Support with household tasks, meal planning based on individual needs, cooking and grocery shopping.  Personal hygiene care, dressing and supporting making good choices. 

​Professionaly Supported Healthy Lifestyle

Registered Nurse on site to support healthy lifestyle choices and assistance with prescribed medications.  Our nurse also monitors the health and diets of our participants and guides them towards overall health and fitness.


Coordinating transportation to community events, services and medical care. We ensure all of our Participants have transportation available to support their daily life plans.

Representative Payee Services

We provide benefit management to those who Social Security has determined need support.  We support our Participants by working with them to pay for their current and future needs.  We also provide financial counseling and support them in the importance of sound money management. 

Independant Life Support

We provide these services to the Participant to promote greater independence and awareness.  They enhance self-sufficiency of our population in accordance with the concept of normalization and from programs that provide the least restrictive alternatives.

HISway's Focus

HISway is committed to providing all of the above services in a way that greatly enhance our Participant's quality of life.  Our Cre8 Art Studio, Community Center, Dance Studio, Cre8 Kitchen provide unlimited opportunities.  With our 19,000 sqft facility, HISway  provides opportunities and wonderful events. Supporting our Participants in a better quality of life is what we are all about.