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HISway offers services to increase the independence and overall quality of life for our participants by assisting them in achieving their desired life goals while offering families the peace of mind that their loved one is well cared for. We offer a variety of services to individuals who are part of our population. Some of these services include; Residential Habilitation, which offers individualized supports within an individuals home and throughout the community, along with our Developmental Disabilities Agency (DDA), which offers developmental therapy in both center and community based settings.


    " HISway began with the realization of a tremendous need and the belief that we could help. We started as a modest  company that was driven to provide superior support for our participants and help them achieve the quality of life that we all are entitled.

     HISway is a "faith based" organization. We do not require our participants or staff to be believers, however miracles come to our company on a regular basis. We celebrate life one day at a time with the abilities that we are blessed with."

    ~Ellen Hampton


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